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"Looking forward into this time with an analytical mind, we cannot say what will come to pass. We cannot say whether the rivers will run dry, or the fields will lie barren. We must look to the heart for a compass; only it can say what we must do. We must plant again and again the seeds of hope within, knowing that love would do so. Love would not neglect our dreams. Love would carry them, and nourish them, as if they were the world itself - the seeds of the world unfolding, the world of our sons and our daughters, and all those yet to come." - Love For Our Time No. 36 

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 As a community & climate chaplain ordained by the interfaith Chaplaincy Institute of Maine, Rev. Gabe is passionate about belonging in the context of climate. By advocating for this time not just as a crisis, but as an opportunity to revive the social fabric we all share, Gabe highlights that climate work and activism at large are not just for public advocates, politicians, or scientists. If we find our place together as communities of belonging, we can find our place caring for the world. In strengthening our values of mutual support, we can strengthen a climate response right where we are. 

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